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10 Tips from HR That You Won’t Want to Miss!

10 Tips from HR That You Won’t Want to Miss!

Ever wish that you could ask the person what they REALLY want from you in your job application or interview? Like you could examine their minds and find out what they’re looking for? We have the answers! We went behind the scenes and found out what the HR team at Water Safari is looking for! You’re welcome – and we hope to see you in the park this summer! Milkshakes for breakfast was not exactly a career path. But being a lifeguard at my local water park was…

Top 5 Tips for Filling Out an Application

Tip 1: Know your summer schedule availability. Summer is a few months away, and while we understand things will change between now and then, scheduling is a huge consideration.

Tip 2: Not sure what job you want? Read the Job Descriptions to see what a good fit for you might be based on your age and skills.

Tip 3: Take your time. Read each question carefully to ensure your answer is accurate.

Tip 4: Provide as much detail as possible and use complete sentences. Tell us what makes you a great candidate. The application is the first step to getting an interview, so it’s very important!

Tip 5: PROOFREAD! Have a friend/family member double check your application for any mistakes with spelling, grammar, or incorrect information before submitting.

Read what A Day in the Life of a Ground’s Manager is like with this past blog.

Top 5 Tips for Conducting Your 1st Interview

Tip 1: Show us your personality! We are not looking for perfect people, we’re looking for people with potential. We know that interviews can make people nervous. Don’t be! Remain calm, take deep breaths, and have fun! We are in the people business, and we just want to hear more about you!

Tip 2: There is no “right” answer to interview questions. Don’t say what you think we want to hear, give us your real thoughts and opinions.

Tip 3: Embrace your independence. It’s great if you want to practice with family and friends, but in the interview, we only want to hear you and see your smile!

Tip 4: There is no specific interview dress code, but we are looking for people who represent themselves well and would represent Water Safari Resort well. Wearing one of your favorite outfits is an easy confidence boost. You get one chance to make a good first impression!

Tip 5: Be ready for your interview 5 minutes before your scheduled time. We will expect you to be on time to work, so being on time for your interview shows us you are punctual.

Sure, it’s Spring, but you should apply NOW! We’re looking for employees right now! We started hiring for Summer ’22 back in February, see if the right job fit is still available for you.

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