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Remember we are ALWAYS accepting applications, so don't wait to apply!

We typically hold three large group interview days between February and early May, however applicants may be called for an interview outside of these dates. Also see Instant Interview details below. We encourage applicants who are eager to secure an interview/position to apply early. Applying early also gives you a better choice of positions still available.

September - May - Accepting and reviewing all applications for the upcoming summer season. If you have worked here before and are interested in working at one of our companies again, please call 315-369-6145. You do not need to fill out another application.

December - May - Instant Interviews begin in December and continue into May. Come to the Water Safari office any Monday-Thursday* between 9am – 5pm for a guaranteed on-the-spot interview. You may fill out an application online ahead of time or do so when you arrive. *Our office will be closed on 12/24-12/25 and 12/31-1/1.

January - Applications accepted and reviewed. Scheduling begins for interviews held in February.

February - Applications are accepted and reviewed. Interview scheduling continues and group interviews begin.

March - Applications are accepted and reviewed. Interview scheduling and Instant Interviews continue.

April - Applications are accepted and reviewed. Interview scheduling, interviews and Instant Interviews continue. If you haven’t applied yet, what are you waiting for!?

May - Interviews continue. Applications are accepted and reviewed for limited remaining positions. Instant Interviews continue. Orientation dates are assigned.  First orientation session conducted.

June - Orientation sessions continue. Accepting applications for limited remaining positions. Scheduling for working days begins! The park opens for the 2019 season on Wednesday, June 12th.

July - August - Accepting applications as positions may become available throughout the season.

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