Day in the Life of a Ground’s Manager

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Day in the Life of a Ground’s Manager

At Enchanted Forest Water Safari there is no such thing as a dull day. This is especially true for our Ground’s Manager, Jonathan. He knows that no two days are alike and that every day presents new tasks and obstacles to solve. So, every morning Jonathan shows up excited to see what adventures the day ahead has in store for him.

Throughout the season, Jonathan oversees sixteen team members and together they handle an array of tasks throughout the park. With every day being different, Jonathan and his team must work closely together as they face new challenges that allow them to learn.

When it comes to working at Enchanted Forest Water Safari, Jonathan says that it is the people he works with that make him excited to come to work every day. His favorite memories during his time at the park cannot be collected into one moment in time, instead, there are little moments each day when he gets the opportunity to laugh and have a good time with his team as they work.

Jonathan’s responsibilities as a Ground’s Manager extend throughout all four Water Safari Resort Properties. Not only does he manage the grounds at Enchanted Forest Water Safari water park, but he also oversees the lawn care next door at Calypso’s Cove, across the street at Water’s Edge Inn, and the landscaping down the road at Old Forge Camping Resort. Managing the grounds of these four properties means that Jonathan requires the assistance of eight to ten employees every day throughout the summer. Together, Jonathan and his team work tirelessly to ensure that the grounds are kept pristine.

Every morning before the park opens, Jonathan not only manages his team, but also works along-side them raking the park to clear the leaves and debris that the trees left over the night, washing tables, and doing whatever else is necessary to prepare the park for opening. Throughout the day, members of Jonathan’s team bring ice water through the entire park so that every employee who is working outside in the heat stays hydrated. Then, once the park closes, Jonathan and his team pull all the garbage collected throughout the day and replaces the liners, so that the park is fresh for the next day’s guests.

Those tasks are ones that Jonathan and his team complete every day, however, during the rest of the day there is no routine. Instead, there are jobs around the park that Jon and his team complete to keep the park running smoothly. Some of these tasks are landscaping, such as taking care of weeding and pruning. There are other tasks such as repairing fences, buildings, and pavers throughout the park.

The life of a Ground’s Manager means that every day has the potential to be a new adventure and that no two days are the same. It also requires leadership and problem-solving skills, which are executed daily by leading and working alongside the grounds team. Our Ground’s Manager and his team work together to make Enchanted Forest Water Safari the best park it can be and help to make Water Safari Resort a beautiful experience for our guests.

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