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Ride Guidelines

Safe, clean, family fun is our guiding principle here at the Enchanted Forest Water Safari.

Most of our attractions have restrictions based on height and/or size as well as physical or medical conditions. These restrictions are set by management, ride manufacturers, and NYS and will be strictly enforced. Other requirements, not included on our website, are posted at each ride. All requirements are subject to change. Please follow safety signs located at each attraction and read warnings signs before riding. The guidelines below will ensure your family has a safe and memorable experience at our park.

Height Requirements:

Water Attraction Names: Description: Height/Weight Requirements:
Pygmy Pond Small Kid Water Slides Under 54"
Walter's Wild Slide Small Kid Water Slides No Height Requirement. Children must be accompanied by an adult
Shadow, Killermanjaro, Nairobi Narrows, Bombay Blasters High-Speed Slides 42" or taller
Serengeti Surf Hill High-Speed Slide 48" or taller
Lake Nakura Ropes Ropes across pool 42" or taller
Curse of the Silverback Tube Ride 48" or taller, 250lbs. maximum single rider, 400lbs. maximum 2 riders
Safari River Expedition Lazy River 42'' or taller to ride alone. Under 42'', children must be accompanied by an adult
Amazon Family Tube Ride No Height Requirement. Children must be accompanied by an adult
Tidal Wave Pool Swimming Pool No Height Requirement. Small children must be accompanied by an adult past the blue line
Raging Rapids, Black River, Rondaxe Run Tube Rides 42" or taller. (Rondaxe Run & Black River- 250lbs. maximum single rider, 400lbs. maximum 2 riders)
Cascade Falls Family Tube Ride (3 adults or equivalent) 36" or taller
Log Jammer Action River 42'' or taller to ride alone. Under 42'', children must be accompanied by an adult
The Sawmill Water Play Structure No Height Requirements. Children must be accompanied by an adult
Amusement Attraction Names: Description: Height Requirements:
Tilt-O-Whirl, Ferris Wheel, Scrambler, Rock-O-Planes, Round-Up Traditional Amusement Rides 48" or taller to ride alone. 36"-48" must be accompanied by an adult. Under 36" cannot ride.
Bumper Cars Mini Cars 48" to ride alone, Passengers must be 42"
Sky Ride, Merry Go Round, Helicopters, Flivver Cars Kid amusement rides No height restrictions. Children must be accompanied by an adult
Boats Kid Amusement Ride Under 54"
Calypso's Cove Family Attractions Description Height/Age/Weight Requirements
Go Carts - Single Cars High-Speed Cars 58" or taller & 13 years of age or older
Go Carts - Double Cars High-Speed Cars Licensed driver, passenger must be between 5 - 12 years old
Mini Go Carts Mini Kid Cars Under 54" & 5 - 11 years old
Bumper Boats - 1 Passenger Mini Circular Boats Single driver must be 44" tall.
Bumper Boats - 2 Passengers Mini Circular Boats Driver with passenger must be at least 54" tall.
ADK Rock Climbing Wall Rock Climbing Replica Must be between 40 - 250 lbs.


NYS Law Provides:

There are inherent risks in the participation in or on the amusement device. Since it is recognized that the participation in or on the device may be hazardous regardless of all feasible safety measures that can be undertaken by the device owner or operator there is a duty for the patrons to become apprised of the warnings and the risks inherent in participation in or on the amusement if the warnings are not obeyed. Prior to participating in or on such amusement device, patrons shall familiarize themselves with the posted safety warnings so that they may make an informed decision of whether to participate in or on the device notwithstanding the risks. (NYS Labor Law Article 27 Sec.870e).

Loose Articles:

For safety reasons, loose articles are not permitted on our rides. Examples include cameras, purses, backpacks, umbrellas, etc. Food and drink are not permitted on any of our rides. Most rides do not enable you to wear sunglasses, shoes, excessive jewelry or life jackets. However, some rides allow you to ride down with your sunglasses or shoes in your hand. Please check signs or ask a team member before getting on a ride, or walking to the top. You are responsible for securing loose articles in a pocket, in a locker, or with a non-rider. Enchanted Forest Water Safari team members can not hold or watch personal items, and will not be responsible if items are lost or stolen.

Appropriate Clothing:

Since the majority of Enchanted Forest Water Safari is a water park, we recommend wearing a bathing suit. For your safety, the safety of others and for the safety of our slides, all bathing suits must be free of zippers, rivets, buttons, or other hard objects. Shoes may not be worn on most water rides. Swim diapers are required of all children who normally wear a diaper & may be purchased in the Paul Bunyan Gift Store, Tiki Tim’s Surf Shop, Woodcenter Gift Store, Island Trader, and Trading Post. Please change diapers in a restroom or changing area, NOT poolside. Regular diapers are not permitted on any of our water rides or in any pools. Locker/Changing rooms are available for your use throughout the day. Many guests often bring a change of clothes to wear when they are not in the water areas. For your safety, we require that shoes be worn when you are not riding on the water rides and especially when you are riding on the amusement rides and walking around the park. Since Enchanted Forest Water Safari is a family park, clothing with inappropriate language or graphics is prohibited.

Not Permitted in the Park:

Enchanted Forest Water Safari is committed to the safety of our guests. Running, profanity and unruly behavior are not permitted in the park. Radios and tape decks are also prohibited. Glass containers are not permitted anywhere in the park.

Guests with Casts:

Guests with casts are permitted on the following rides: Amazon, Kid Wash, Lake Nakura, Log Jammer, Safari River Expedition, Tidal Wave Pool, all wading pools, and all dry rides with the exception of the Bumper Cars.

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