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Fun For The Little Ones

Enchanted Forest Water Safari is perfect for kids of every age!

We make special efforts to be sure all of our young guests are taken care of and have fun!

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A family tube ride that takes you through the jungle! EXPLORE

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Kids, grab your sailor hats and jump aboard! EXPLORE

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A great opportunity to snap a keepsake photo! EXPLORE

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Enchanted Attractions

Besides rides there are tons of other exciting things to see and do! EXPLORE

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Flivver Cars

Kids, hop in the car, and drive! EXPLORE

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Kids, get ready to fly your helicopter high above everyone's heads!! EXPLORE

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Kid Wash

Kids get the chance to 'cruise' through a car wash made just for them! EXPLORE

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Lake Nakura

Choose from two areas in Lake Nakura, the Activity Pool, or the Swimming Area. EXPLORE

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Log Jammer

Located in Adirondack Expedition at the rear of the Park. EXPLORE

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Pygmy Pond

This is sure to be one pond the kids will not forget! EXPLORE

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Safari River Expeditions

Keep your eye out for creatures of the safari! EXPLORE

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It's Water Mania with three stories of waterslides and fun for kids and parents alike. EXPLORE

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Sky Ride

A great ride to go on first - and decide what you'll do next! EXPLORE

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Tidal Wave Pool

Looking to ride the waves of fun? EXPLORE

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Walter's Wild Slide

A new 70ft Kids’ racer. EXPLORE

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