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Years of Service – Jeff

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Years of Service – Jeff

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” -Steve Jobs

This quote perfectly embodies Jeff LeBuis who has been our Director of Finance for nineteen seasons. Jeff is not only an important part of the operating of Water Safari Resort Properties but an integral part of the Water Safari family. Since the day that Jeff began working here, he has given his all – never shying away from a challenge, instead of inviting them his way as an exciting opportunity for him to learn. Truth be told, there is still yet to be a problem that Jeff cannot solve with a little help from his coworkers.

During the regular day to day operations, Jeff focuses on payroll, accounts payable and receivable, audits, and other critical financial tasks. However, Jeff is always willing to help with whatever needs to be done around the park. This means that Jeff has worked in admissions, the parking lot, food service, and has even taken over working water rides so that his coworkers can go on their lunch breaks. This willingness to help has even led Jeff to take charge of the IT team at Water Safari.

Problem-solving is one of the things that Jeff loves most about his job. Every day at Water Safari is different and full of excitement, so Jeff comes to work excited about what challenges he is going to have the opportunity to solve. One of Jeff’s favorite memories during his years of service is an opportunity he got last fall. During a thunderstorm, lightning struck the campground and infrastructure were damaged, however, within a day and a half, Jeff and his coworker Roger had completely rebuilt it. That moment, which many others would have found overwhelming, Jeff saw as a great opportunity to learn and overcome another challenge.

Since Jeff has begun here, Water Safari Resort has changed and evolved with the times. When he first started, the focus of our business was that of a waterpark with an attached campground, however, as time has gone on, we have evolved into four properties; the focus shifted to a hotel and campground with two attached family fun parks. Jeff has helped with this process by attending IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) and bringing back ideas that have helped to make Water Safari Resort Properties the best we can be.

Jeff is grateful for the learning opportunities that he has been given throughout his years working at Water Safari. While he has always worked at other family-run businesses, he says that it is here where he has learned the most. Jeff has had the opportunity to learn about many things such as infrastructure, IT, and what it takes to run a business, because of the fast-paced nature of Water Safari and Jeff’s willingness to take on any task.

Jeff has also taken on the role of a mentor during his time here. He treasures the chance he has every year to make sure that our new members learn lessons during their time here that they can use in the future. He also makes sure that our new team members jobs are the best that they can be. Jeff says that working with young people helps him feel young, but when he does finally retire, he hopes that he will have left some wisdom with his coworkers who remain at the park, like his mentor Richard Noonan once did with him.

Jeff enjoys his job and the curve balls that come with it, but it is the people that he works with that truly make Jeff happy to come to work. Every day while working at Water Safari Resort Properties, Jeff and his coworkers work closely and depend on each other. According to Jeff, this, in turn, has created a close-knit community where his coworkers have become lifelong friends.

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