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What past and current Team Members have to say about working with us!

Emily B.'s Story: (Admissions)

"My time at EFWS prepared me more for my career than any of my college courses did. The high level of guest service and professionalism instilled in me by my Supervisors and Managers at EFWS has been a bedrock for any career success I've had. Working at the admissions gate taught me how to work hard, how to work efficiently, and how to have fun while doing both. I am so grateful for my time at EFWS- it was a transformative summer experience that put me on the career path I didn't realize I needed to find."

Tyler B.'s Story: (Finance Intern)

"Accepting a accounting/finance internship with Water Safari while I was in college was a great career decision that put me on the path to where I am today. I went in with the expectation that I would learn procedures and processes, but my professional growth throughout the experience was exponential. It was the soft skill development that really exceeded my expectations- learning how to work and communicate effectively with people from different skill sets and backgrounds, and developing a team-focused mindset. Unlike so many internships offered, there was no copying involved- I engaged with problems, analyzed them, and developed efficient solutions that benefited all stakeholders. I learned how to take a leadership role on select projects, and was taught to lead with compassion.

After my internship, I worked for a large CPA firm performing audit/consulting work for various clients, but I had a distinct advantage over many of my peers, thanks to this internship. I understood beyond the college lecture hall how the daily accounting procedures were performed, and where the frustration points were. This insight allowed me to connect and form stronger relationships with my clients to truly understand their needs. Even after leaving the CPA firm to work with a team of my own, I reflect on my experience often.

The leadership at EFWS taught me that problems should be reframed as challenges and opportunities for growth and improvement- and I hope I can bring that same innovation, energy, and compassion to each team I lead."

Zack C.’s Story: (Admissions)

"I wanted to work at Water Safari because I always enjoyed going to EFWS (Enchanted Forest Water Safari) as a child. Also, my mom worked here so I had been here a lot.

When I first began working, my first impression was that there are a lot of people to meet and a lot to learn! Having worked here for several years, I’ve learned to keep my workspace clean and my cash drawer organized. I have learned how to work in a team and how to work with guests and fix problems.

My favorite thing about working here is that you always meet new and interesting people. You make bonds with people that could last a lifetime. The people you work with become like family; you can go to them for advice or anything you need. My favorite thing about the company is that the owners are very involved in the park and are extremely nice people. Also, the benefits are great – who doesn’t like going to Water Safari for free?!

I would recommend this job because it’s a great first job and you gain a lot of work experience. Something unique about the jobs at Water Safari (besides the fact that you get to work at a water park!) is that you get to work with people from all over the world.

I enjoy the fact that my team and I are like a family. Every day, I look forward to spending time with fellow team members and the guests we meet along the way."

Bryan P.’s Story: (Amusement Ride Manager)

"When I first started working at Water Safari, I was surprised at how much work went into ensuring the daily operations remained on schedule. As a year-round employee, we work on many unique projects and there are many skills obtained to complete the projects.

My favorite thing about working here is getting to work in a fun, fast-paced environment with a great team. I love how well everyone works together. The most memorable moments for me are when families come to the park and children get to go on a ride for the first time, or when a parent remembers coming to our park when they were a child.

Something unique about this job that I don’t think you’d find anywhere else is that we sell FUN! I love being able to watch people have fun all day. I would recommend this job to someone because it’s a great place to meet new people and learn some valuable job skills.

My favorite thing about our Water Safari team is how such a diverse group of people can work together to accomplish our goals. When I come to work every day, I look forward to the new challenges that lie ahead."

Noah S.’s Story (Stores)

"When I started working at Water Safari, the first thing that stuck out to me was how nice everyone in the stores department was; they were all a pleasure to work with. In fact, that’s my favorite thing about my job – the people. I look forward to seeing my fellow team members when I come to work, and I miss them during the off-season. My favorite thing about this company is that it’s family-owned. For me, my dad started working here in 2001, so I’ve grown up with the managers here, which has been great.

Since I started working, my social skills have improved, and I’ve learned how to be productive all-day long. Although, I would have to say that my most memorable experience is earning Team Member of the Year. I felt a sense of pride getting this award, and it was nice to know that my hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

One of the most unique aspects of my job is that I get to work in a different store almost every day. This is a nice change of pace rather than always working in the same location. I would recommend this job to someone because you get to meet so many new people and develop bonds – plus you get paid to do it!

Kali B.’s Story (Expedition Lifeguard Supervisor)

"I first learned about this job from friends who already worked here and told me that it’s a great first lifeguarding job. Not only that – I’ve always loved Water Safari, I grew up coming here and thought this would be a great opportunity. When I started working, my first thought was that everyone was so friendly! If I made a mistake, it was forgiven, and I was taught the skills for next time.

One thing that I love most about my job is the people I work with; I enjoy getting to know everyone around me throughout the summer. I also enjoy working to create a fun, safe & exciting environment for our guests. What I love most about this company as a whole, is that we are a family – and when I say family, I mean throughout the entire company, not just within your department.

I would recommend this job because it’s life-changing! Getting to work for a company that allows you to just be you & have a splash-tastic summer, all while making new friends along the way! One of the greatest benefits from working here is that the jobs are so rewarding. As a supervisor, I find helping others in complicated scenarios to be the most rewarding. One thing I’ve found to be true is that everyone truly cares about you. A day will never go by without your supervisor or manager asking you something about your day, your future or just life in general – that’s unique!

Coming to work every day, I look forward to meeting all our employees at our morning meeting spot. This is where we play a game, and everyone gets their placement for the morning – this gets everyone excited & ready for the work day! Overall, I love working with my manager to create a safe, inclusive & fun environment for all the frontline team members. We create an unbreakable bond that extends far beyond the typical work day."

Caylee L.’s Story (Expedition Water Rides)

"My family has been coming to Enchanted Forest Water Safari since before there were water rides and I’ve been coming to the park my whole life. I wanted to be a part of a team whose goals included fun and safety, which is why I decided to apply for this job!

From working here, I’ve learned quick decision-making skills. As a pre-medical student, gaining the confidence to make quick and effective decisions and working as a team has greatly impacted the type of medical professional I am going to be in the future.

One of the best things about working here is feeling like you’re part of the family. You know that someone always has your back. Working on your tan & being in the Adirondack mountains is nice too! I love that your managers see you as an actual person, rather than just another worker, and they work to build a relationship with you.

From my past two summers as a team member, my most memorable story is being able to help a little girl overcome her fear of going on the ride that I was working at. I was working on the Rondaxe Run when a little girl got to the top and realized she was too afraid to go down the slide. I decided to let her stand with me and watch other guests go down the slide – after about 15 minutes of watching and talking with me, she decided she was ready to give it a try. She came right back to the top afterwards with the biggest smile on her face. She went down my slide at least a dozen more times that day.

One of my favorite benefits that is offered to team members are the free admission tickets. I love being able to give them to family/friends who might not otherwise be able to enjoy the park. Also, the reciprocal program that allows me to visit various attractions & museums in NYS is a great benefit too!

I look forward to being able to help people have fun. Even if it’s been a long day, having fun with the guests & the team you work with makes it all worth it."

Miranda D.’s Story (Island Lifeguard Supervisor)

"Five years ago, a lifeguard from my school told me about her summer job at Water Safari. She told me how close you become with your fellow team members and how it’s just a blast, so I sent in my application. Prior to that, going back to 2005, I came to the park with my mom & fell in love with it. Ever since then, I told her that I was going to lifeguard here one day, and it would be the best summer ever. Well, here I am, going on my fifth season, and I’m still having fun!

I was very nervous for my first day of work, however my managers made it a welcoming environment. They made an effort to get to know me and checked in on me on to see how I was liking my job. My first impression was that I already wanted to come back next season! I learned a lot more than I ever expected I would at a summer job. When I started out as a lifeguard, I learned to be a dedicated worker and I strived to work hard every day in hopes that I would be promoted to a supervisory role. Now, as a supervisor, I have learned how to work in a team, be a well-rounded leader, great guest service & handling stressful situations with grace. All of these things will be so aiding in my future career.

What I enjoy most about working here is that I know I will have friends for life. Between managers, fellow supervisors and team members, we all keep in touch throughout the year. I also love the rush that I get from lifeguarding. Jumping in the pool to save someone gives me a feeling like no other. I sometimes feel like a super hero!

If someone asked me if I thought they should apply to work at Water Safari, I would say exactly what my friend said to me back in 2012. The work environment is like no other job I’ve had before. The fun truly never stops! I cannot voice how much I admire my managers – they really take us under their wing and treat us like their own.

The water park feels like my summer home. Every day I look forward to being able to make someone’s family vacation one to remember!"

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