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Dippin' Dots© Kiosk

Sweet Treats

Located next to the Oasis Café in the middle of the park, Dippin' Dots® is considered the Ice Cream of the Future.® Made of tiny ice cream 'dots', flavors are blended to create such offerings as Cookies 'N Cream, Rainbow Ice, Brownie Batter, Cookie Dough and many more.

Dippin' Dots® ice cream is the coldest ice cream around...what an excellent treat on a hot, sunny day! A second Dippin' Dots Kiosk is located just before the bridge to the Adirondack Expedition in the rear of the park.

With LOL Dippin' Dots (Lots of Layers) you can add as many flavors of Dippin' Dots as you desire!

Dippin' Dots floats are just like traditional ice cream floats but with any flavor of yummy Dippin Dots! Choose from Root Beer, Orange Crush or Mist Twist Soda.

We also offer Dippin' Dots Sundaes with chocolate syrup, whipped creme and sprinkles!

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