For First Timers…

Start by riding the balloon ride (SKYRIDE) just inside the front gate. It gives you a great view of the layout of the park. Save the rides or petting zoo until the end, otherwise you’ll never get your kids out of the water. The kiddy area is adorable! You really can bring small children. GuestsContinue reading →

Skip The Lines…

Go in June. The lines aren’t as long, but it’s well worth the wait anytime of the season. Consider renting a tube for the day, for a small fee. By doing this, you can bypass the line at the bottom of the ride to get a tube and head directly to the top. What’s evenContinue reading →

Looking For Savings?

Take advantage of the Siesta Savings, enter the park after 3pm (2pm on days the park closes at 5:30pm) and get the next day free. It’s a great way to enjoy the park for some extra time, especially when staying overnight!

Enchanted Eats

Don’t forget the candy shop – it’s epic! Buy your soft ice cream cone early in the day, because everyone else waits until right before they leave! When attending a catered event, go to the pavilions early to get your wristband to avoid long lines at serving time.