Do I need new working papers every year?

You only need to obtain new working papers if you have turned 16 years old between September and June. Please visit your guidance office after your 16th birthday.

I want to be a Lifeguard – What do I have to do?

You must be at least 15 years of age to become a lifeguard. We will be holding a FREE lifeguard training course in the spring (dates TBD) which will be open to all new AND returning team members! If you’re a new team member, please indicate on your application that you’re interested in becoming aContinue reading →

Can I change departments?

You may call us at 315-369-6145 and make a request to change departments or make a note on your Ask Back form. Department requests are not guaranteed.

I didn’t get an ‘Ask Back’ Invitation…What now?

In order to provide our guests with exceptional customer service, our Ask Back invitations are given to our exceptional Team Members. If you did not receive an invitation and feel that you should have, please call Human Resources at (315)-369-6145 extension 0.