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5 reasons to escape to a water park this summer!

5 reasons to escape to a water park this summer!

Not sure why anyone would ever need convincing to go to a water park – but lets give it a try!

Sure, for many people – summer means relaxing in the shade with a good book. However, it’s hard to turn down a day filled with fun, sun and some epic water slides!

If you are a water lover but do not have time to take a break and plan an extensive trip, the ideal destination for cooling down and enjoying the water should be a water park.

A family trip to the water park is a chance to re-connect with your kids and show them that mom and dad can still have some fun! Did you know that Water Safari is New York’s Largest Water Theme Park? With over 50 rides, shows & attractions there is something for everyone and every age!

Summer Memories that last forever

I can literally still remember my summer trips to the local water park with my family and the excitement leading up to the trip was almost painful. Getting a chance to spend the day with family and friends – soaring down massive water tubes, feasting on goodies and smiling from ear to ear.

Not only that you will have the time of your life, but most importantly, that time will be spent with your loved ones.


We never quite see it as it happens but as we get older – summers vacations eventually fade and turn into any other work week.

The good news is – electronics generally don’t work well in water, so leave the computer and phones back home and embrace the human interaction that comes with a visit to a water park.

Life is short and summers are even shorter – reconnect with your family and plan a day trip to the park!

Something for everyone

Do you enjoy the thrill or just to hang out and chill? Water parks always offer a variety for the whole family.

Whether someone likes to get everything out of them when they scream from the top of their lungs, or to enjoy a nice and steady slide, or to simply relax and float down a “lazy river” – these themed parks have all that covered.

The Food

If nothing else, a day at the water park means you don’t have to cook!

There’s just something special about park food and all the yummy things they’re known for. From savory to sweet – you can spend the day indulging in pizza, crispy fries, ice cream and funnel cakes.

Rumor has it, calories don’t count in water parks (wink wink).

You come home exhausted—really exhausted

Let’s face it, it’s hard to keep children amused during the summer and are constantly looking for things to do.

Spending a day running, laughing and zipping down water slides will guarantee some snores coming from the back seat before you get out of the parking lot!

A trip to a water park should be a mandatory summer event for every family.

Even if you have a pool or a lake in your backyard, the fun of a water park simply can’t be matched anywhere else.

So if you can, take the family and escape to your local water park this summer!

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